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Ariadne is a Monte Carlo parton shower generator.[1] It was the first parton shower program that formulated partonic cascades not in terms of splitting of individual partons (except for the splitting of a gluon to a quark-antiquark pair), but in terms of coherent gluon radiation from colour dipoles, each connecting the colour of one parton with the anti-colour of another. As such, it is the original dipole shower program.

The Ariadne program also includes the Dipsy model, as well as the rope hadronisation model implemented using Pythia for describing hadron formation in environments where there is a high colour charge density (such as a heavy ion collision).


  1. Leif Lönnblad: ARIADNE version 4 — A program for simulation of QCD cascades implementing the colour dipole model, Computer Physics Communications, Volume 71, Issues 1–2, August 1992, Pages 15-31, ISSN 0010-4655, (later versions here)

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