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The following is a list of useful ATLAS TWiki pages. It may help users find pages of interest, since TWiki search does not work well. Most of the pages listed here are collaboration-internal and cannot be accessed without authentication.

The links are categorised and accompanied with tags in the hope of making it easier to find the right ones using browser search.

Tool for physics analysis

The Exotics group has an overview page of useful resources and analysis tutorials.

Title and link Tags Note
ExtendedPileupReweighting pileup, recommendations, uncertainties
StandardModelUnfoldingNew unfolding, recommendations, uncertainties
JetEtmissHighPtJets recommendations, jet cleaning, recommendations Contains links to jet cleaning recommendations
HowToCleanJets2016 jet cleaning, Run 2 See also HowToCleanJets2015 for 2015 data, HowToCleanJets2011 for Run 1
JetUncertainties jets, recommendations, uncertainties Contains links to TWikis for different runs and years
PmgFaq MC, simulation, modelling FAQ of the Physics Modelling Group